Friday, December 16, 2005

FireFox 1.5 delivers an improved web experience for me

Update and apology. Dec. 26, 2005. After exchanging email with Blake Ross, who I found through SpreadFireFox, I have learned and verified that the problem I was having had to do with coding errors in my Blogger template. FireFox 1.5 is working fine for me.

The coding errors had to do with extra line breaks that interrupted CSS code that specified fonts to be used. The resulting code was not in accord with the CSS2 specification.

I owe FireFox an apology for this and a special word of thanks to Blake Ross.

Original post.

I had been happy with Firefox 1.0.7, and recently was told that a new improved version of FireFox was available, called 1.5.

However, after installing the "improvement" I discovered that this version has less functionality than the earlier version. It cannot even properly select fonts, and Mozilla doesn't intend to fix this problem until 2007.

I tried re-installing 1.0.7, and it will no longer run. I have tried uninstalling everything from mozilla and deleting the directory before re-installing, and it still won't run.

FireFox 1.5 is a disaster.

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