Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Tarentum skate park needs a new petition

Things are moving forward with the proposal for a free use skate park for Tarentum, but in the face of vocal opposition from a few, it is once again necessary to circulate a petition to support the project.

It seems to me that the skate park would be a welcomed addition to the region. Young people who want to excel at an extreme sport that requires strength and coordination would have an extra incentive to avoid drugs. If they had a skate park to use, there would be no question of skateboarders posing a risk to pedestrians coming and go from area businesses. A skate park would fill a void in recreational options for local youth.

Sounds good to me. And the people who don't like the idea don't seem to have any alternatives.

If you want to support the project, the attached petition can be completed and sent to Corbet Street Central Perk, 410 Corbet St., Tarentum, PA 15084.

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