Wednesday, December 07, 2005

General forum for comments

This entry is intended to be a place where a reader may leave a general comment on my blog. It is intended to create a centralized forum to give a commenter an alternative to posting to the most recent unrelated blog entry.

Perhaps you want to comment on an article I have furled (my public furl directory is here), but about which I have not written. Or perhaps you have noticed something that intersects with one of the topics on which I write: Central Presbyterian Church of Tarentum; things happening in the churches and church-related organizations in and around Tarentum; almost anything happening in and around Tarentum; fascinating articles in the Valley News-Dispatch; events in Pittsburgh Presbytery; events or developments in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.); good books, etc. If I have not raised the topic elsewhere in my blog, you can comment on it here.

Just remember that if you want to come back to this blog entry forum, you'll need to bookmark the permalink, or look for a link to it in the sidebar.

There will be a few rules:

1. I reserve my right to delete inappropriate comments.

2. If your comment is on a topic that has absolutely no interest for me, I may delete it.

3. When a comment on this blog entry is more than ten days old, I may delete it as no longer timely.

4. If I choose to post a blog entry on a topic related to a comment here, you are giving me permission to move the text of your comment to the new blog entry so that I may give you appropriate credit for bringing the topic to my attention.

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Wynne said...

I love the new leaf photo in your masthead. Very colorful.

Stewart said...

Glad you enjoy it!