Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Year of Opportunity

In the course of doing some planning for worship on New Year's Day at Central Presbyterian Church, I discovered that I had not had the congregation sing a hymn I wrote for New Year's back in 1982. The name of the hymn is "Year of Opportunity" and it is to be sung to the tune "LASST UNS ERFREUEN".

God, give to this community
a year of opportunity.
Bless our starting of the new year.
How greatly have our lives been blessed
With fruitful work and peace-filled rest!
Let us serve God with rejoicing,
Living in hope in the new year.

Jesus invites us to the feast
All, from the greatest to the least.
Greet the dawning of a new age!
Jesus says, "Come I want to give
My life to you that you may live."
I will feed you and uphold you
As my people from all nations.

Lord Jesus, let us not refuse
Your gift of love to freely choose:
Our salvation; our redemption!
May we your gospel tell to all
That they may hear your gracious call
Give us wisdom. Give us courage
For the living of this new year.

God gives to this community
a year of opportunity.
Greet the new day of the new year.
Lord, may we see your vision true,
And lead all nations unto you.
May we show you to all people.
May we serve well in the new year.
There are a few parts of the poetry that seem trite or cliche (after all I was 23 years younger when I wrote the thing), but given the shortage of New Year's hymns in the church hymnal, I guess this hymn will do for another use.

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