Thursday, December 08, 2005

A new batch of Glimpses

This week we received the new shipment of Christian History Institute's Glimpses, which we distribute as monthly bulletin inserts on Communion Sundays. Following up on the commitment I made earlier this year, I have reviewed each of the inserts. I learned something from each of them, and feel confident that they will edify the congregation over the next six months.

The inserts this month are:

193. C.S. Lewis: Chronicles of an Apologist
Just in time to be highly relevant to the release of Narnia in theaters around the country.

194. Sojourner: Witness of Truth
This is a good piece on a major figure in the abolition movement. I learned from this article that slavery had been legal in New York State until an emancipation decree in 1827.

195. Patrick: The Making of a Missionary
This is one of my favorite saints. I often get a response of shock from people when I tell them that Patrick was not Irish.

196. Emma Whittemore and Door of Hope
The inspiring story of one of the key leaders in the Salvation Army and the International Union of Gospel Missions.

197. George Whitefield: The Controversial Evangelist
The story of the great showman preacher of the 18th century.

198. Fanny Crosby: America's Hymn Queen
Even if you are not a fan of Fanny Crosby hymns, it is valuable to know her story.

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