Sunday, November 20, 2005

Approaching Thanksgiving with a bit of trepidation

I've been hearing rumors over the past week that LaRusse Distributing would not provide a Thanksgiving Dinner this year. Today the Valley News Dispatch confirmed the rumor with an article in this morning's paper entitled "LaRusse Distributing taking a year off in sponsoring meal."

The sidebar in the article lists the Central Presbyterian Church as the only location in Tarentum offering a Thanksgiving Dinner on Thanksgiving Day. Reservations for the free dinner are already running well ahead of previous years.

Over the next few days we'll be trying to estimate how many of the six hundred people who would have been going to LaRusse may be heading to Central. We need to be prepared to accommodate whoever shows up.

The dinner at Central has been a positive experience each year we have done it. It has been an opportunity for many people to have the traditional meal in the company of others. In preparation for this year's dinner we distributed invitations to the residents of Golden Towers and Rachel Carson Hall.

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