Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Restoring the past

The print edition of today's Valley News Dispatch had a very nice photograph by Eric Felack on page A6, showing the advertising mural uncovered by the demolition of the Trackside Inn (see here or here). Apparently Carl Garrett & Son Heating have hired Harrison Brothers Masonry to clean the bricks and preserve the mural.

The photo in the print edition of the paper is far better than any of the pictures I have taken with my little camera.

Between Fifth and Fourth Avenues in Tarentum there are a number of these older advertising murals, that each have a certain fascinating charm.

advertisement saying "Chew Honest Scrap"

advertisement for Mail Pouch Tobacco in Tarentum

advertisement for Coca Cola in Tarentum
Now, if only the Valley News Dispatch made their better photos available online ....

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