Sunday, November 27, 2005

Email subscriptions

I've just added the option of email subscriptions to this blog. This is in addition to the other subscriptions options I wrote about earlier. This service is through

In order for you to subscribe you would need to register with FeedBlitz, then you would be able to sign up for a daily email summary of any feeds to which you choose to subscribe -- even if the blog publisher does not offer email subscriptions! So if you prefer to read news through your email this might be the tool to use.

Once a day you would receive an email with additions to my blog. The email would be from, so that address should not be on your list of blocked senders. Each daily email would include a link to unsubscribe from the various feeds, as well as to end FeedBlitz email completely.

There is one privacy concern that you should know about. The publisher of feeds to which you subscribe (such as, for example, me) would by default get to see your email address. Once you have registered with FeedBlitz, you can set your email to anonymous by editing your profile and checking a box marked "Private." If I understand the FAQ correctly, all I would see in place of your email address on my list of subscribers is "Anonymous".

If you want to subscribe by email, find the box in the bottom right corner of the blog, enter the email address that you want to receive the updates, and click the "Subscribe me!" button

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