Saturday, November 19, 2005

Chalice at Central

CHALICEToday at 1:00 PM the Christian musical group Chalice (Lou Rhoades, Kris Rhoades, Keith Szirmae, and Gary Coddington) played at the Central Presbyterian Church in Tarentum.

This was the second time Chalice has been to Central Presbyterian. The first time was in March of this year when the McKeesport group came to Tarentum for our "Cabin Fever Pizza Party."

CHALICEThis time Lou Rhoades began the program by ordering some "fast, free pizza" on his cell phone. He had a bit of trouble telling the person on the other end of the phone exactly where to deliver it, but by the time he finished explaining that it did not belong in the bell tower (which we don't have) the pizza had arrived. Although it was the wrong size, he somehow transformed the small pizza to an extra large one. (He must have had the big one up his sleeve all along.)

CHALICEThe inspirational music they played came from a number of musical genres: Southern Gospel, traditional hymns, praise and worship, worship choruses, 50's sound, and their original compositions.

Interspersed between the musical pieces were a number of testimonies and words of encouragement, that were well-received by those gathered.

Pie social at Central Presbyterian Church, TarentumThe event at which CHALICE played today was a "pie social." There were enough pieces of pie for all present to have as much as they wanted, and for latecomers to eat their fill as well.

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