Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Graham cracker architecture

Tonight at Grand Central Station, the mid-week Christian education event for elementary school age children, we were using the Bible Venture Centers unit "Jesus: Manger Miracle."

One of the teachers arrived somewhat anxious because for the opening depot she was supposed to show the children a note card and ask them if they thought it was possible to cut a hole in the note card large enough for one of the children to step through. The curriculum said to follow a diagram for cutting the hole ... but there was no diagram she could find.

Fortunately, I remembered the basic idea for how to cut the hole, and had some time to practice beforehand. Also fortunately, none of the children had seen this trick before so they were all suitably amazed when I cut a 6 by 9 inch piece of construction paper with a big enough hole for each of the children to step through it. Then for good measure I stepped through it myself.

Graham cracker architectureThe main lesson we were doing tonight was about the nativity, so as Mrs. Guenther read the story of Jesus' birth, the children each made little stables and mangers out of graham crackers with frosting as glue. They then added some straw made from shredded wheat and populated the stables with animal crackers.

Each of the children found his or her own creative way to recreate the stable.

Graham cracker architectureAfter making the stables and mangers the children also made chocolate covered pretzels.

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