Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Lack of support in public record

First of all, congratulations to Mayor Wolfe on his re-election as mayor, to Carl J. Magnetta on his election to the at-large seat on the Tarentum borough council, to Tim Rapp on his election to the 1st Ward seat on borough council, and to Ginger Sopcak on her election to the 2nd Ward seat on the borough council.

Second, and following up on this post, I walked over to the Tarentum Borough Office at 9:55 AM today and asked for a copy of the minutes of the borough council meeting of October 17. I was told they were not available. I asked if they were not a public record and was told that they had not yet been approved, and that I would not be able to get a copy until after the next meeting of the Tarentum borough council approved those minutes. So much for Mr. Magnetta's claim that the minutes of that meeting were of public record.

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Anonymous said...

Stewart, here's some unsolicited advise:

You're going to want to stay out of the viper's pit that is Tarentum politics.

Trust me on this. There is no "good" side. They're all a bunch of overgrown toddlers sniping at each other.

Stewart said...

Anonymous, Thanks for the advice.

Observing the viper's pit from a bit closer has been an eye-opening experience.

I feel like I'm stuck in a double-bind. I care about what happens in this town and the people in it. I've seen the nonsensical lies people make up against anyone who they think is crossing them. But I still want to make a difference for things that I care about.