Sunday, November 13, 2005

Prepare to wait at Sears Grand

Tonight some friends of mine asked for a ride to the new Sears Grand in the Galleria at the Pittsburgh Mills. Apparently there was some kind of special sale for friends and family.

The store was well-lit and had a good variety of things to buy.

After looking around and finding one item for $1.39 that I needed, I decided to go check out and wait to meet my friends at the appointed time and location.

I waited 30 minutes in a short line to purchase this one item.

I had no reason to be impatient because I knew I'd be waiting for my friends anyhow. If I had had a reason to be impatient, I would have left my item and walked out after the first 15 minutes.

As I waited it seemed clear to me that even though the Sears Grand can beat downtown Tarentum on the variety of goods to be sold, the shops in downtown Tarentum are far better staffed to give customers a reasonably rapid checkout. If I shop at Sears Grand again, it will be when I have lots of time to spare.

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