Monday, November 21, 2005

Tarentum native Paola Corso to sign books in Pittsburgh on Saturday

This Saturday, November 26 from 2 to 4, Paola Corso will be signing books at the Barnes and Noble Bookstore in the Waterworks Mall.

Her recent book, Giovanna's 86 Circles and Other Stories, is a collection of short stories, either set in Tarentum or involving characters with ties to the small river town about 20 miles north of Pittsburgh on the Allegheny River.

Giovanna's 86 Circles was recently reviewed in Margin, where Tamara Kaye Sellman praised the collection as an example of magical realism, a literary genre often associated with writers from Latin America.

A podcast of Corso reading one of the stories from the collection is still available for a short time at the Pete's Candy Store Reading Series here. The podcast is 17 minutes 18 seconds in length. There are two versions of the podcast on the list; the enhanced version requires iTunes software, but the other version can be played on almost any media player.

Giovanna's 86 Circles has also been reviewed here and in the Valley News Dispatch here.

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