Thursday, November 10, 2005

Rachel Carson's memory should be preserved

The print edition of today's Valley News Dispatch has a nice article by Tamara Simpson entitled "County Council may name span after Carson." The article is about a bill co-sponsored by Councilwoman Eileen Watt of Cheswick and Councilman Dave Fawcett of Oakmont to rename Pittsburgh's Ninth Street Bridge after Rachel Carson.

The article includes a good summary of background information about the worldwide recognition of Rachel Carson who was born in Springdale and did her undergraduate work at what is now Chatham College.

She is best known for her book Silent Spring, which in 1962 played a vital role in opening the eyes of many around the world to the importance of protecting the environment.

Given that the Sixth Street Bridge is named for Roberto Clemente, and the Seventh Street Bridge is named for Andy Warhol, it is about time for the Ninth Street Bridge to preserve someone's memory, and Rachel Carson would be the appropriate namesake.

Update (11-12-05): The article from the Valley News Dispatch is online here.

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