Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Trepidation giving way to anticipation of Thanksgiving

Earlier this week I wrote about the fact that Central Presbyterian Church would be offering the only Community Thanksgiving Dinner in Tarentum this year.

The committee that organizes this dinner has made its best plans and preparations for scaling up the dinner. We've been asking for people to call in to make reservations so that we could have some estimate of how many to expect, and we now have 91 reservations. If the reservations can be used to estimate the actual turnout, we might see anywhere between 120 and 180 people.

The Allegheny Valley Association of Churches has made their van available to us so that we can transport the participants in the Interfaith Hospitality Network to the dinner.

The Tarentum Station Restaurant, that has in the past cooked the turkeys for the much larger Thanksgiving Dinner at Larusse Distributing, was willing to cook the turkeys we had gathered for this dinner.

Volunteers have been calling with offers of assistance.

Our small membership congregation is as ready as we'll ever be, and we now are anticipating a joyous time of service, fellowship, and thanksgiving.

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