Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Nigeria 419 email scams have a job vacancy variant

I've been bombarded lately with a variety of email messages that all look like part of the Nigeria 419 scam. Many are easy to recognize from the way the writer claims to have millions of dollars that he has to get out of the country and I'm just the person to help.

Lately I've been getting email offering me jobs with a UN related committee. It has taken a little bit of research, but these seem to be more of the same.

The email was sent from the IP of a company in Lagos Nigeria (

The email purports to be from the United Nations International Development Committee (UNIDC) announcing various job vacancies.

The claim is made in the email that the UNIDC has some relationship to the United Nations Development Committee, but the description of the mission of the UNDC in the email ("to improve the quality of life for millions of people around the world by promoting democratic governance, poverty reduction, rural development, crisis prevention and recovery, energy and environmental issues, and reducing the impact of the HIV/AIDS pandemic") does not match the role described on the UNDC website.

The email address of the sender is JOBS VACANCY [jobs_vacancy2@msn.com].

The email encourages a responder to write to jobs@unidc.it.st (located in Sao Tome and Principe).

Just one more annoying scam to watch out for.

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Stewart said...

There is no end to this nonsense. Now I get an email from sea wolf [fishermanonboard@fastermail.com] with the subject line "LITTLE BENEDICTA NEEDS YOUR PRAYERS.." saying:

==begin scam email ==

This is for your kind attention and ministration. I am fully cognizant that you are extremely busy person.

How ever, I would greatly appreciate it if you would be kind enough to take time out of your busy day to look into the matter am bringing to your attention, as I shall be waiting with keen interest, your favorable response.

I am a fisherman, leaving my life mainly on the waters. Today, I received the third of a reminder of a mail I received a week earlier in my email box, aboard my trawler.

The mails are from a teenage nigerian girl named Benedicta requesting for prayer for her very seek father who is down with a coronary artery disorder that has deffied treatment, to enable healing or make heaven,if he give up the ghost.

I never met these people all my life, but am touched, ... , Since I'm not a clergy nor in the medical field, how do I go about it ( I have been reflecting )?

Kindly take this up on my behalf, I believe strongly in the efficacy of prasyer and inclined to sow a seed towards the realisation, inclusive of your ministration.

I am eaggerly awaiting your response, along your postal/ check address, to enable me make available my widowsmite despite being on the waters, presently.

I wish to remain anonymous all through.

My whole heart regards.

==end scam email==