Tuesday, November 15, 2005

People who have been around Tarentum

People who have been around Tarentum longer than I have tell me that the Valley News Dispatch does not publish stories that admit to the occurrence of crime in Tarentum.

So I astonished my friends today when I told them about the article on page A3 that described a recent "smash and grab" crime spree going on both in Tarentum and New Kensington.

The article suggests that the string of crimes has been going on for about a week. I suspect it has been going a bit longer. The "smash and grab" of which I was a victim on October 12, while my car was in the church parking lot and I was in a church meeting, seems to match the profile of the crimes described in the article.

As one of the victims of this type of crime, I need to admit that it is hard to come to closure about the wrong that was done to me. The repair to my car window cost me more than the value of what was stolen. I don't know who did it or why, and I don't even have the possibility of asking the person who violated me why they did it. I can pray for forgiveness for the person who hurt me, and for the grace to forgive, but the anonymity of the criminal is just another barrier to get past.

If this news coverage of local crime is genuinely a new development, kudos to the Valley News Dispatch for breaking with tradition.

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